#53 Jose Peraza

So I’m sitting here racking my brain about what to write about today, and I came up with nothing. Because of that I might cut this blog down to maybe every other day or once a week. It’s really hard when nothing really happened in baseball the day before I simply cannot think of anything to write about. This blog is actually a very small percentage of how much baseball I talk/think about throughout the day. It’s really hard for me to figure out something to write an entire blog about also something I haven’t written about already. If you’re a regular reader and think I should keep writing everyday please let me know.

Yesterday a top prospect, Jose Peraza, made his MLB debut for the Dodgers. I had no idea about it until I turned on the Nationals game who just so happen to be playing the Dodgers in LA. I’ve been hearing about this 21 year old kid for a few years now and he finally debuted last night. Playing second base and also batted second. Do I think he’ll be a superstar? No but I think he’ll be very good. If I had to throw a comp out there it’d be Jose Altuve. Top of the order catalyst, get on base a good clip, burner on the bases, and not a bad fielder at second. He’s going to hit for a good average, around .300, and steal around 40 bases a year. Just remember Dodger fans he is only 21 years old it might take him some time to get used to the majors. The Dodgers Jose (Peraza) has the potential to be like the Astros Jose (Altuve).


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