#52 Stephen Strasburg

Stephen Strasburg came off the DL on Saturday and was extremely impressive. I’m about going to talk a little about this great start from Stras. But first I should probably mention the Nationals as a team and how they’re doing. Everybody knows the Mets improved their team and have taken over first place in the NL east. But as a Nats fan I am not worried in the slightest. Are the Mets good? Yes but I’m not scared of them. They have good starting pitching, all year really, but both the bulpen and the offense are shaky so I wouldn’t bet on both holding up. The Nats are just now getting healthy give them some time don’t jump ship too quick.

Saturday was Stephen Strasburg’s first start after his second DL stint of the year. He was facing the Rockies who are not a bad hitting team by any means and he just destroyed them. It was his best start of the year by far 7 innings 12 strikeouts 0 walks and he only threw 91 pitches. He was sitting 96-97 touching 98 with his ridiculous curve ball and filthy change up. That’s his normal stuff nothing different there just thought I’d mention it. I’ve been watching Stras all year (always do) I couldn’t figure it out but I could tell there was something wrong. I don’t think it was injury related he had the same stuff he always has. It might of been something mechanical I just couldn’t figure out what his problem was. I noticed throughout this year the damage comes against Strasburg when he has two strikes on a guy then they hit him. I don’t know if he was tipping his pitches or it’s more of the catchers fault but it’s like he lost that killer mentality. With two strikes you can’t give him something he can handle you got to punch him out or make him hit your pitch. You got to finish it. Saturday definitely looked like the usual Strasburg. I’m hoping he figured out whatever the problem was and pitches like that the rest of the season.


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