#49 Jon Gray

I know I still have the Hamels and Cespedes trades to talk about and I still promise I’ll get to them. But it’s not everyday a prospect I like gets his first call to the big leagues. I figured might as well talk about him today and worry about the trades later. This might anger some Cub fans, but I honestly believe the Cubs should’ve drafted Gray instead of Kris Bryant.

Jon Gray was the third overall pick in the 2013 draft, Kris Bryant went number two to the Cubs, Gray went to the Colorado Rockies. Like I said I think the Cubs should’ve taken the college pitcher. Like most college players he was close to the majors (only took 2 years) and you don’t come across an arm like his too often, which is why everybody and their mothers knew he’d be a top 3 pick. He threw upper 90’s with a ridiculous breaking ball he was compared to Stephen Strasburg when he was in college. Stras was obviously drafted number 1 overall back in 2009 well deserved and I thought Jon Gray was heading down the same road. But the Astros took Mark Appel with the first pick he had good stuff too so I get that pick. The Cubs were sitting at number 2 with a chance to snag the best pitcher and they took a hitter? Kris Bryant has the potential I’m not saying it was a bad pick but what’s the weakest part of the 2015 Chicago Cubs? Pitching. I saw it coming from a mile away. Theo Epstein’s plan all along was get bats and worry about pitching later. And obviously the Cubs have a stacked farm system with mostly hitters but he has created a logjam with all the prospects. Good problem to have, yes but he’s kind of shooting himself in the foot by not trading anyone. The Cubs have the opportunity this year to get a wildcard and the only upgrade you went out and got was Dan Haren? Come on I know the projected date for the Cubs to be relevant again was 2016 but you’re ahead of schedule pull the trigger and improve the pitching they have plenty of trade bait. Sorry for the rant there back to Jon Gray. He has lost a couple ticks off his fastball but it’s still well above average mid 90’s. Still has the good breaking ball and also has an improving change up. Adding an above average change up will give him three plus pitches. He’s more of a strikeout pitcher and when they do make contact it’s usually weak contact. He might be one of the pitchers who have success pitching in Coors Field.

Prediction for tonight: 5 innings 1 run 7 strikeouts.


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