#48 Carlos Gomez trade

Today I’m going to talk about the Carlos Gomez trade that happened last week. I still have the Cole Hamels trade and also the Yoenis Cespedes trade to talk about but I’ll get to those later. I said last week that it might take two weeks to get through all these trades. I could write about them all in one sitting but I really try to keep these relatively short I don’t want these to take two hours for someone to read. No one would actually finish it if that was the case.

In the trade it was Carlos Gomez and Mike Friers from Milwaukee to Houston from prospects Josh Hader LHP, Adrian Houser RHP, and OFers Brett Phillips and Domingo Santana. In case you didn’t know Carlos Gomez was a superstar player, or at least very close to being one. One of the fastest in the game, could hit for some power all while playing gold glove center field. So my question is why would Milwaukee trade him? Made me scratch my head once it happened. Don’t get me wrong they got some good prospects back for him but he wasn’t a free agent until the end of next year I didn’t think they needed to trade him right now. My only guess is that knowing who his agent is, Scott Boras, the Brewers figured he was heading towards free agency anyway so might as well get what you can while you can. I don’t like it, especially when they are superstars, Boras advises his clients to always go to free agency because that’s usually how you get the most money. Mike Friers will fit into the back end of the Astros rotation nicely. The Astros got a great center fielder and a not so bad starting pitcher for a bunch of prospects. None of the prospects were the “special” kinds of talent they could end up being good but it’s not a bad trade for Astros to make. You’re playing good this year and ahead of your target date so why not pull the trigger and go for it a year earlier?


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