#47 David Price trade

I wrote Wednesday that I hope no big trades happen on Thursday because I couldn’t write that day. Guess what? There were a bunch of blockbusters that went down yesterday. Carlos Gomez to the Mets that fell through then finally went to the Astros. Or the Phillies finally trading Cole Hamels to the Rangers. Those are some serious blockbusters and I promise I’ll get to them. But today I want to write about the Tigers trading David Price to the Blue Jays. When I wrote about Tulo being traded to the Jays I mentioned I was surprised they went after another bat instead of a pitcher. Well they got the pitching help too. Wow the Blue Jays won this years trade deadline.

David Price is one of my favorite pitchers, he’s a big left hander with electric stuff. Yesterday while he was being mentioned in trade rumors he tweeted “I don’t care what happens today I’m taking batting practice with the Tigers at 2 regardless” those probably aren’t the exact words but something like that. How can you not like a guy like that? An American League pitcher who doesn’t even have to worry about batting wants to take BP with his teammates even if they aren’t his teammates in an hour. I like him but he’ll probably test free agency so the Tigers kind of had to trade him. He’s doing good so it probably wasn’t easy for them to trade him. But the Tigers aren’t doing as good as they thought they would this year. They don’t really have to rebuild like some teams I think it’ll be a quick turnaround. Think ahead to next year they’ll have Miggy back healthy hopefully Vmart will hopefully be too. The offense will probably be good, with the best hitter in baseball it’ll always be above average. This kid they got for Price, Daniel Norris, will be pretty good. He’s a left handed pitcher and, like Price, has electric stuff. Mid 90’s fastball with nice breaking stuff, already made it to the majors, oh yeah he’s only 21.


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