#46 Medium trades

First and foremost I will be busy tomorrow so unfortunately I will have to take tomorrow off. Hopefully no huge trades happen tonight/tomorrow morning.

Now the title is medium trades because there is a few trades that happened but aren’t blockbusters in my opinion. There not small trades either they still help the team but not in a dynamic way. So medium trades sounded right, right? The biggest is probably Ben Zobrist going from the A’s to the Royals. The Angels got both outfielders David DeJesus from the Rays and David Murphy from the Indians. And the Nats got the Phillies Jonathan Pabelbon.

The Zobrist trade is the only one worth writing about. I could talk about how I don’t like the fact Pabelbon kicked Drew Storen out of the closers role. Storen definitely didn’t deserve that but as a Nationals fan I am perfectly happy getting Pabelbon. Now Ben Zobrist is a good player for the Royals to go out and get. While Alex Gordon is still injured he can play left field and fill in well. Then once Gordon is back he can play anywhere, Zobrist is a super utility player can literally play any position. I personally would make him my starting second baseman he’d be a huge upgrade over Infante who’s only batting .230.


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