#45 Troy Tulowitzki trade

I went to bed last night thinking I was just going to write today about the 2 small trades that happened yesterday woke up and found out about the huge blockbuster. At about midnight/1 o’clock in the morning Troy Tulowitzki got traded to the Toronto Blue Jays. Before I talk about that I have to mention the small trades I originally planned on writing about. Yesterday the Mets acquired Tyler Clippard from the Athletics for a minor league pitcher. Also the Angels acquired Shane Victorino from the Red Sox for the young infielder Josh Rutledge. Like I said these are two minor trades, both of them improve the team but not really significantly.

The Blue Jays getting Troy Tulowitzki raised some eyebrows around baseball yesterday/today. Not from the Rockies standpoint more from the Blue Jays. The Rockies were not winning and they didn’t need to be paying a superstar like Tulowitzki. Blue Jays of course jumped all over the chance to get the best shortstop in baseball. They’re .500 and close enough to playoffs to make a good push and try to sneak in. They were, well still are, weak in the pitching department and didn’t need to get a shortstop. Not to mention they have by far the best offense in baseball and had no reason to another good hitter, also an extremely right handed heavy lineup before getting another right handed bat. The Rockies got a fantastic return for Tulo, Latroy Hawkins was also part of the package going to Toronto. The trade was Tulo and Hawkins from the Rockies to Toronto for Jose Reyes, Jeff Hoffman, Miguel Castro, and another minor leaguer I believe. Reyes is still a good shortstop at 32 but I think he has taken a couple steps back. Jeff Hoffman is a potential ace in the making, he was in the mix to be the first pick in the ’14 draft but had Tommy John surgery a month or so before the draft. He looks good as he starts his comeback from Tommy John. Sits in the mid 90’s and has a good curveball like I said probably an ace in the making. Miguel Castro is only 20 years old and has already made his major league debut. He also sits in the mid 90’s with improving secondary pitches he’ll probably be a reliever but he has worked on trying to be a starter. He’s only 20 so they’re probably in no hurry to figure out his spot. Definitely not a bad haul for a team that could always use more pitching.


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