#44 Johnny Cueto trade

There was a couple things that happened over the weekend that I could write about but I decided I’m going to talk the big trade. Johnny Cueto was traded to the Royals over the weekend and that’s huge for a KC team that was already in first place and pulling away in the AL central. Before I talk about the Cueto trade I have to mention the Cole Hamels no hitter in Chicago. For a player who was already mentioned in trades since last year has increased his value and his chance of getting traded. Let’s not forget he was already a top tier pitcher, the Phillies were going to get plenty back for him anyway. I personally think they waited too long no offense to Philadelphia fans but they have not been good the last 2+ years and that’s being nice. They didn’t need to be paying an ace when he doesn’t have a good team behind him anyway. But hey the Cubs waited to trade Jeff Samardzija until July of last year and they ended up getting Addison Russell out of it plus Billy McKinny an OFer and first round pick in ’13.

Now about the big trade, Johnny Cueto going to the Kansas City Royals. I give major props to Kansas City on this one they needed a starter and they went out and got one. I thought they’d be in the market for a Scott Kazmir type, somebody who is plenty good and will improve the team but not quite an ace like Hamels, Price or Cueto. Just not elite like those guys is what I’m saying. I found out a few days before the trade happened that the Royals had scouts in attendance for Cueto’s start. I thought “oh not a big deal their just doing their due diligence just kicking the tires on every starter”. Once I found out they were getting him and what they were getting him for I was a little surprised. Cueto might be just a rental because he’s a free agent after the season but who knows they could actually sign him to an extension. The Reds gave up their ace so it kind of surprised me to hear what they got back. Three left handed pitchers Brandon Finnegan, Cody Reed and John Lamb. Now Finnegan has already proved he can pitch in the majors, first pitcher ever to pitch in the college World series (for TCU) and the major league World Series last year. Finnegan is a potential number 1 starter and both Reed and Lamb are close to ready major league contributors. Not a bad haul or anything I just think the Reds could of gotten more giving up such a good pitcher.


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