#43 Trade deadline

Again I have nothing to write about so I’m just going to talk a little about next week. But before I get to that, there was another small trade yesterday after I posted for the day. Aramis Ramirez was traded from the Brewers to the Pirates for a minor league pitcher. Like I said it was a pretty small trade not really going to change either team. I do however, find it pretty cool that Ramirez is going back to the team that he started with. He will be the Pirates starting third baseman for the time being so he’ll get some good playing time in Pittsburgh.

There isn’t really anything exciting going on in the baseball world so I’m just tell you about next week. Next Friday is July 31st, in case you didn’t know, is the non waiver trade deadline. So there will probably be many trades to talk about and probably some big names on the move as well. I apologize right now for next week because all I’ll be talking about is these trades. I personally believe there will be plenty to talk about, it might take more than just next week to talk about it all. Might take two.


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