#41 Pete Rose

Before I get to Rose I want to talk a little about the Nationals. They’re not playing too great right now and that’s mainly because they are pretty banged up. What’s been going on the last 5 games really intrigued me. Here’s the pitchers they’ve faced in those 5 games, Clayton Kershaw on Saturday, Zach Grienke on Sunday, Matt Harvey on Monday, Jacob DeGrom yesterday, and Noah Syndergaard earlier today. That just made me say “wow”, on top of that everybody is injured it’s mainly backup players that played against these guys.

I want to talk about Pete Rose today before I forget about it. So Pete Rose was in Cincinnati for the all star game as part of the Franchise Four thing the MLB was promoting. The Franchise Four was where the fans could vote for the four best all time players of each franchise. No surprise that Pete Rose was one of the four for the Cincinnati Reds franchise. He got a pretty loud ovation from the crowd so it got me thinking of the question should he be in the Hall Of Fame or not? My personal opinion is yes, all time hit leader of course he should be a HOFer. However it is a cardinal sin to gamble on baseball while you’re in baseball. When you sign with a MLB team they will give a rule book of some sort, it might not actually be a book but there are rules you have to follow. I’m sure it’s in all caps, bold print YOU CAN NOT BET ON BASEBALL. The penalty, in case you didn’t know, is life time ban from the MLB. Meaning he can’t work for a MLB team as a hitting coach or in the front office he can’t even go to a game. I think he should be in the Hall but I’m not a strong advocate for it. Yes, he committed a cardinal sin if you don’t want to let the all time hit leader into the HOF, fine but at least let the man go to a baseball game!


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