#39 Kyle Schwarber

I’m back! During the last week I was so bored without baseball I have nothing to do. There wasn’t any baseball on TV plus I wasn’t writing about it I was pretty bored. I had to keep telling myself I was on vacation I probably won’t get one for the rest of the season. Today I’m going to write some about Kyle Schwarber. I know I’ve written about him before but here in the Midwest I hear a lot about the Cubs. Schwarber is a pretty interesting case as well, so I’ll talk about his call up also trading him.

Like I said before Kyle Schwarber got his second call up to the majors. The first one had an expiration date from the start, it wasn’t a bad deal he can hit so he got the call to be the DH for 6 games then back to the minors to continue developing as a catcher. He hit well over .300 in those 6 games with 6 rbis as well. Small sample size so you can’t be 100% sure he will always hit like that. But hey it’s always better to be good in a small size than bad in one. I see some Jim Thome in his swing. I’m not saying he’ll hit 600 homers or have the power Thome had. But I’m saying I see a nice, strong left handed stroke out of Schwarber and it reminds me of Thome. Now let’s talk about how I think Schwarber could be some good trade bait. There’s only a little over a week until the non waiver trade deadline. The Cubs could really use some pitching whether they go after an ace or a good starter or even a bullpen arm. I believe that if they want to go deep in the playoffs they need more pitching. Lester isn’t pitching like the ace they thought they signed, Arrieta is the only one pitching good. Another fact is Miguel Montero isn’t going anywhere. I could be wrong but I think he has 2 years left with an option for a 3rd year. And Montero has already proven that he could catch in the major leagues and be above average at it. I don’t think the Reds would turn down Schwarber (and others) for Jhonny Cueto. Same goes for the Tigers and David Price. I just think Schwarber could bring in a good haul and I don’t see a definite need for him.


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