#38 All-star game

I promise this is my last post about the all star break. It’s all I’ve posted about this week and I’m sorry for that. It’s just theses things keep popping into my head after I’ve already posted for the day. This is probably my last post until next Friday, baseball is taking a break I should too right?

Today I’m going to simply talk about the actual all star game not who I think should and shouldn’t be an all star. So I’ll talk a little about what I think will happen and who I think will win it. Based on the pitching aspect I think the NL is going to win with ease. The AL is very thin when it comes to pitching and the NL is extremely deep. They have Max Scherzer, Gerrit Cole, Zach Grienke, not to mention Madison Bumgarner and Michael Wacha. And those are just the starters there’s always the lockdown closers too. Both of the lineups are good but I think the NL has a slight edge there too. Now onto the games MVP, I personally think it’ll be Bryce Harper but that’s just me being biased. But really I do think a left handed hitter will win MVP, Harper is just my vote but it could be Anthony Rizzo or Adrain Gonzales. I doubt it’ll be Joc Pederson he strikes out a little too much but seriously watch out for the leftys.


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