#35 All-star game

I know I talked about the all star game yesterday but things keep popping into my head about it. Usually it’s not good things more often than not it’s actually something negative. I am really not happy about the voting results. I don’t usually vote I might fill out one of the paper ballots when I go to a game but that’s about it and they stopped doing that this year. Because I didn’t vote I can’t be too upset about it but I don’t have to like it either. I personally think MLB didn’t control this situation enough, guys who barely have decent numbers are the starters for the all star game? That’s not right. No offense to Royal fans but I think they rigged the system somehow.

Today I’m interested in the shortstop position. Alcides Escobar was voted the starter and I strongly disagree with it. He’s hitting .276 with 2 homers and 5 steals, now they’re playing as I write this so he’s numbers could possibly go up. But no matter what I don’t think those are all star caliber numbers. Unless he hits 10 homers today that is. Jose Iglesias is hitting .323 only 1 homer but 9 stolen bases. But according to the voters that’s only good enough to be a backup behind the .270 hitting Escobar. I’m not hating on Escobar or anything I’m just not happy he’s an all star starter. My last point is Carlos Correa has been up for 3 weeks and has way better numbers than Escobar. 20 year old Correa is hitting .304 with 7 homers and 5 steals already but yet Alcides Escobar is apparently the best shortstop in the AL.


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