#34 All-star game

The voting for the all star game ended on like Thursday but last night they finally announced the starters. I’m a little disappointed in the AL results and I blame the MLB but I’ll get to that in a minute. First the halfway point of the season came and went over the weekend. Everybody has played around 81 games so whatever somebody’s numbers are you can just double them and that’s the end of the year stats, at least close to those numbers. Let’s look at my favorite player Bryce Harper of course. Through the first 81 games he has hit 25 homers and 60 rbis with a .340+ average? That is crazy. So double it, 50 and 120 correct me if I’m wrong but those are MVP numbers? I’m just saying it’s a possibility not saying he’ll actually hit 50 but maybe he will.

Now about the all star voting that kind of ticked me off. The Royals. That should be all I have to say. It’s MLB’s fault I mean seriously? Alex Gordon is hitting .260 with 10 homers I doubt anybody will say those are all star numbers and he’s starting? It shouldn’t be purely a fan vote there should be some restrictions. You’re telling me different fans voted like 8 million times for Omar Infante? Altuve barely squeaked by him to be the starter. If Altuve didn’t win the AL starting second baseman would be a guy hitting .230 with 0 homers (that’s right zero). But that’s totally all star level right? Honestly here’s what I think happened, they changed voting this year to online only, so I believe Royals fans would vote for the entire team the max number of 35 times. And then go to their friends house and vote another 35 times and then to another friend and so on and so forth. So good job MLB you dropped the ball this year, the AL team is literally a few votes away from being all Royals.


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