#31 Dylan Bundy

Yesterday I talked about a pitching prospect I liked in Lucas Giolito, so today I figured I would write about another right handed pitching prospect I like. Unlike Giolito Dylan Bundy has actually been in the news lately. Not for a good thing either, he got injured again and they are shutting him down. This kid I thought was going to be something special. He made his MLB debut at the age of 19 (!) he just came up in late September of ’12 but as a pitcher that’s pretty good. Then in ’13 doesn’t make the team out of spring goes to the minors and ends up injured has to have Tommy John surgery at 20 years old. No big deal. Then last year he’s still only 21 so they take their time making sure not to rush him back too soon and didn’t get to the majors last year. Now he’s 22 and still hasn’t made it back to the majors and then gets injured and probably going to get shut down for the remainder of the year. I almost feel bad for him I still think he’ll be pretty good when he comes back but it’s just unfortunate for him. Oh I didn’t mention he’s on the Orioles.


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