#30 Lucas Giolito

I couldn’t think of anything to write about so today I’m going to write about one of my favorite prospects, Lucas Giolito. He is the highest ranked pitching prospect and he just so happens to be a National as well. I think he has great potential and he really intrigues me. To begin with he’s a giant on the mound at 6’6″ 255 pounds that is just a monster out there 60 feet 6 inches away. With an imposing figure brings a big fastball usually he can throw the heat, touching 100 mph. Let’s just talk about his tools for a minute, if you remember the 20-80 scale 50 is MLB average, 55-65 is above average, and 70-80 is great. He has an 80 fastball like I said around 100 mph with ease. A 70 curveball which is obviously very good. He could get by and be a very good pitcher with just those 2 pitches. But he also has a developing change up its still an above average pitch at 55 but as he moves through the minors he might develop it into a great pitch. He’s only 20 years old and already had Tommy John surgery that’s actually a good thing he’s gotten it out the way early. He might be a year away but he has ace stuff so yes the Nationals might have another ace on their hands.


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