#29 Jason Heyward

Jason Heyward has been on fire lately and deserves a little recognition. I’ve recently wrote about the Cardinals when Matt Holliday and Matt Adams got injured asking who was going to step up? I think that question has been answered with flying colors. Since Holliday went down Jhey has stepped up in a big way. I’ll get to Heyward’s hot streak in a minute, first the Cardinals as a whole. Both the Pirates and the Cubs are over .500 but the Cardinals are just a ridiculous 48-24. That is the best record in the NL by a landslide. With all the injuries I thought for they would slow down a little but I was wrong. I definitely thought they were still a very good team of course but being the best in the NL by about 6 games, I could not have predicted that.

Like I said Jason Heyward has been on a crazy hot streak the last couple weeks. Over the last 12 games Jhey has hit .391 with 4 homers and 10 rbis! That’s pretty great for a guy who, according to most, has underachieved his entire career. And I would probably be considered in the most category. Ever since he was a prospect he had ridiculous potential he could easily be a player with all 5 tools. There are not too many of those around and he had the potential to be one, a really good one at that. Jhey’s first game, he makes the team out of spring training (not too many prospects do) he comes up for his first career at bat against a pretty good pitcher in Carlos Zambrano, hits a long homerun. Made the all star that year as well then he gets injured and what has he done since? A gold glove defender in right but not much else. He started out so hot there’s nothing else to do except go downhill. Since Holliday got injured Jason Heyward is slugging well over .700! If he can keep this level of offensive production up then maybe he’ll turn some of his doubters. He’s only 25 years old so he’s got a year before his prime so maybe he is the player he’s potential suggests it just took him a little longer than others.


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