#28 Arod

I know I’m a little late writing about Arod’s 3,000 hit but you got to remember I really don’t care for Arod. I think what he did after the biogenesis scandal was so disgusting I actually did lose all respect for him. I just cannot believe how he acted, it actually makes me sick thinking about it. You get caught cheating ok man up admit it and suffer the consequences. Don’t try to buy people off and threaten to kill them if they blab. All that should have happened was he appealed once he lost serve his suspension but lose all his fans in the process. But no he comes back and the Yankee fans act like nothing happened they literally wanted him out they hated him too in ’13. I don’t understand how you could root for a guy like that. Yay 3,000 hits good job that’s it that’s all that should’ve happened for him not the standing ovation and it still being talked about. He doesn’t deserve it at all cheaters cheat not a big secret but he shouldn’t get praised for it. Look at Bonds, Sosa, and McGwire steroid users have the numbers for the HOF but people a lot smarter than simple fans are not voting for them because they don’t deserve the praise. McGwire is the only one who actually came clean and manned up. Arod “came clean” too I put it in quotes because he lied to everyone. I didn’t believe he stopped using for one second like he said. He went to New York and continued to put up big numbers. But yet he quit roids yeah right only fans probably believed that.

One more thing on Arod if you think he quit using you’re crazy. So you’re telling me that a guy in ’12 and ’13 could barely hit his weight with steroids but now he’s hitting good without them? That’s just crazy to think that. There are text messages out there from Arod to his steroid guy that literally say he can’t hit without them. Steroids are so far ahead of drug testing its not funny. I’m not saying the drug testing is bad I’m just saying there is so many ways around it. Arod tested positive for the first time in ’13 but according to his supplier he was/is an avid user for over a decade. We’re never going to completely abolish cheaters in our game but I don’t think there deserving of so much praise.


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