#27 Stephen Strasburg

If you haven’t noticed by now my favorite team is the Washington Nationals. Like every night I was watching the Nats game, after a 2 hour rain delay that is. It was Stephen Strasburgs return from the DL to say the least I was excited for it. I’m going to talk a little about how Stras pitched yesterday but first the Nats as a whole. It’s been a roller coaster year for them because so many players have been bitten by the injury bug already this season. The rotation is finally whole again with the return of Strasburg and Fister. Tanner Roark and Joe Ross pitched great in their absence but Ross went down to AAA and Roark is back to relief work. The lineup has had their share of problems as well, Span, Rendon and Werth started the season on the DL. Span has been back for awhile and leading off while playing outstanding defense in center. Rendon just recently came back and wasn’t hitting great up until last night where he went 4-4. Werth is back on the DL and I don’t think he’s too close to a return. On top of that now Ryan Zimmerman is injured too, we all know Bryce Harper is putting up ridiculous numbers but hopefully somebody else can supply some power to that lineup.

Now on to the start from Stephen Strasburg last night. In his first start back he went 5 scoreless with 6 strikeouts and only 1 walk. It was a great start for him if you watched his starts from earlier this year it’s easy to tell something was wrong. When you’re a pitcher and you have a small injury, like muscle spasms or something, you’ll start to subconsciously try to correct by tweaking your delivery a little. Then either the injury will get worse or it’ll heal and your mechanics are all screwed up because you changed them. That goes for hitting too when it comes to your swing. For Strasburg I think it was more of the latter, I think he strained a muscle or something and then over corrected. Last night you can see the little adjustments he made like he would start he’s hands a little lower and he would land a little bit different. It was just the small things that seemed to work. He was throwing 97-98 with ease with the same nasty curveball and nasty change up he has always had. Based on last night I would say it’s going to be the same ole Stephen Strasburg for the rest of the year.


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