#26 Albert Pujols

So I was watching the highlights from last nights games and saw Albert Pujols jacked two homers. He has been pretty hot this month so I figured he deserved a little attention. The Angels themselves are still just barely over .500 at 36-35. Yes they have Trout and Pujols but other than that they don’t have squat. I wouldn’t be shocked if they ended up in the playoffs but my opinion is that they going to hover around .500 all year.

Now about Pujols, like I said he has been hot like better than ever hot. Over the last 24 games he’s hitting .350+ with 15 homers and 30 rbis that’s insane! That’s an absolute ridiculous stretch for a 35 year old that everyone thought was done for. That’s even better than he ever did in St. Louis and he was one of the best hitters ever during his time with the Cards. Then he chased the money out to LA and didn’t produce, not saying he was bad but he wasn’t the Albert Pujols the Angels thought they were getting when the forked over the cash. Am I saying he’s back to his original self? No, he’s still over 30 and he hasn’t been constantly healthy over the last couple years. He stats right now aren’t setting the world on fire or anything. Only hitting .275 with 23 homers and 47 rbis so not too great. But if he continues tearing the cover off the ball like lately he could be looking at another MVP. I can’t guarantee he’ll continue this but I’ve watched his swing and it looks like vintage Albert.


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