#25 Max Scherzer

I’m kind of fired up about this subject so I might go on a little bit of a rant. On Saturday the Washington Nationals pitcher Max Scherzer threw a no-hitter which should’ve been a perfect game. I watched the whole game of course, my superstition is that I don’t even touch the remote until the Nats give up a hit. So I’ve seen other no hitters and stuff but I can’t remember one as enjoyable. Mad Max just had this attitude out there like “I’m going to get you out so get over it” to everyone. I remember later in the game he would get two strikes one someone and he’s looking at the catcher like “give me the ball!” Then smacks his glove down once he gets it, next thing you knew he was already in his windup here comes the pitch. The announcers were saying he was stalking his prey. It was a masterful game he just had the look.

This just makes me angry to talk about. What Jose Tabata did to ruin Max Scherzers perfect game was just surprising to me that he didn’t show any remorse. Just a random bench player called on to pinch hit with two out in the 9th inning and you lean in get nicked by an inside slider? And you don’t care that you spoiled a perfect game by letting it hit your Evo Shield instead of simply backing up? 6-0 game absolutely no reason just get out of the way. It’s not like it was 95 right into his back because Max lost his grip on it, no it was a mid 80’s slider that backed up a little too far. You can even tell by where the catchers glove was if Tabata didn’t move at all it just would of been an inside pitch but Tabata had to put his elbow down so it could hit him. What really gets me is that Tabata was just a pinch hitter if Scherzer struck you out a couple times and you decide to wear one so you could bust up the perfect game, I’d understand that a little more than facing him once and not getting out of the way of a slider. Still got the no-hitter so congrats to mad Max. One more thing on Scherzer his last two games, 18 innings 1 hit 1 walk and 26 strikeouts! That’s an historic two game stretch.


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