#24 Carlos Correa/Bryce Harper

Yesterday Carlos Correa had a big game, not so much with his bat but his legs. He stole 3 bases in one game putting him in an elite group I’ll talk a little about that. Also last night something happened in the Nats game that truly scared me to my core. There was a short rain delay then when play resumed it was still a little wet of course. There was a guy on second then a simple base hit to right Bryce Harper picked it up was throwing home when his knee gave out. I’ll go on about that too.

Let’s start with Correa then I’ll get to Bryce. Like I said he didn’t do much with the bat yesterday he only went 1-4 with a walk. The impressive part was that he didn’t do it with the bat but he still stole 3 bags in a single game. Remember he’s only 20 years old can’t even drink yet, but he got himself into an elite list, only 3 players ever to be 20 and still steal 3 bases in a game. I keep saying elite why? Because the other 2 players are both HOFers, both Ricky Henderson and Ty Cobb accomplished that as well. I just love the fact that I’ve been saying Correa has good speed since the beginning but the “experts” say he’s an average runner at best. I’ve seen him beat out infield hits, steal 4 bases in 10 games but he has “average” speed right? I love it when I’m right and the “experts” are wrong.

To be honest this one kind of hurts me to talk about. Everyone is finally seeing the real Bryce Harper and the reason why I like him so much. Then he goes down clutching his knee/leg and as a Nats fan you can’t help but gasp for air and cross your fingers. He slipped on the grass and his knee gave out I knew he tweaked something you could tell right away. But it didn’t look too bad he got up and walked off the field he had a limp of course but he didn’t need assistance. That’s a good thing because when guys tear their ACL or something they can’t even walk off the field on their own. The team doctor said its only a mild hamstring strain and I hope they are right. No MRI scheduled as of right now. So best case scenario he doesn’t play for a day or two then comes back good as new. Worst case scenario he doesn’t play for a day or two but it’s not getting any better so he does the MRI finds out it’s a torn ligament and out for the season. Hope I didn’t jinx anything there but my honest opinion is that he’s fine might land on the 15 day DL but that’s the worst case scenario from my point of view.


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