#23 Chicago Cubs

I didn’t really watch the Cubs smother the Indians 17-0 last night. But I woke up this morning and saw something that made me want to complain a little about the Cubs today. Yes, you read that right the Cubs won 17-0 last night and I have something to complain about it. First off before I start, I’m a little busy today so todays post might be super short.

So this morning after the Cubs smashed the Indians, what I saw that bothered me was that Kris Bryant’s 9th inning homerun actually made national headlines. Yeah I know it was his first career grand slam and everything but seriously? Out of everything that happened for the Cubs in that game you take away the homer off a position player? I’ve heard many ex players say that if you’re the guy that doesn’t hit off the position player it is the worst feeling in the world because you’re supposed to hit him. It’s a position player that didn’t throw 95 or anything, not a Bryant hater I just don’t think that Bryant should’ve been the headline. After Wada’s dominate performance he started his post game interviews by saying “I am a badass” in English. He’s Japanese so he doesn’t really know English usually uses an interpreter but Joe Maddon told him to say it. He didn’t know what it meant which made it hilarious and I think it would’ve been a better headline. And of course there was Kyle Schwarber who went 4-5 in his first career start last night. Yes Bryant hit a grand slam good for him but I think Schwarber killing it in his first game should’ve been the bigger headline. It just bothered me, again not a Bryant hater this wasn’t about him it was about the headline from this specific game.


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