#22 Joc Pederson

Last night I was flipping through channels like usual and landed on the Dodgers game. Joc Pederson was up to bat so I watched his AB he ended up striking out but it reminded me I haven’t really talked about him yet. Let me talk about how the Dodgers are as a team and then I’ll get to Joc. The Dodgers are 37-28 and are in first place. I’m not too sure they can sustain it though, the Giants are right on their heels and the pitching staff isn’t that great. They’re are getting production from Andre Ethier but I wouldn’t bet on that lasting all year. Joc is doing his thing in center but other than those two what else? A- gon of course is hitting but Jimmy Rollins is hitting under .200, Puig just came of the DL, Turner is a good bench player but not sure if he can keep it up all year, Alex Guerrero started out hot but has since cooled. I’m not saying it’s a bad offense or anything but I’m not sold on it. Still a good team obviously and still my pick to win the west. One last thing on the Dodgers they could use a starting pitcher they don’t want to give up their big name prospects, I don’t blame them at all. There is a big name trade piece available through, Puig. Ethier is producing at a healthy clip and is primarily a RF and they were playing fine without Puig so why not trade him to get some pitching?

I was watching the recap from yesterdays games and Joc Pederson made another sparkling catch so I want to talk a little about him. Unless you’ve been under a rock you’ve probably heard about Joc Pederson so far this year. I’ve heard about him for a few years now climbing through the system was in the future game and everything. He’s got a great power-speed combo that you don’t see too often. For whatever reason he isn’t stealing too many bases this year he had 30+ in the minors last year and that was before he got a taste in the majors. Just note he has the speed you can see it when he runs down fly balls just not stealing the bags so far at least. He’s power has been on full display so far 17 homers already which is outstanding for a rookie. Last year he made his debut and seriously struggled I thought oh maybe he’s just another minor league standout but can’t hit in the majors. But then he came to spring training and you can tell right away he made some big adjustments this offseason started his hands lower and added a leg kick. And the power showed right off the bat this was the player people expected. Now he’s compared to a young Curtis Granderson not Grandy now Grandy when he was a tiger. Pederson is only hitting .253 right now and that’s probably not going to get much better however the power and the speed will both be there. If he keeps this up he’ll be looking at a ROY trophy at the end of the year.


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