#21 Kyle Schwarber

Another big name prospect is getting the call up, the Cubs C/OF Kyle Schwarber. In this case it’s not simply getting the call up to stay like the other youngsters. It’s actually pretty interesting, so the Cubs have a few AL games this week of course they could use a (better) DH option. They decided to call up Schwarber primarily to DH for these games then he’s going back down to AAA after interleague play. He’s already in AA so he is ultimately getting a promotion to AAA. It’s just interesting that he’s going to majors first then he’s already scheduled to go back down. It’s not a given though that’ll he’ll be going back down there’s always chance that he comes up and hits so good that they have no choice but to keep him up. Cub fans shouldn’t worry too much he might earn his right to stay up.

Let’s talk about Schwarber a little bit. Kyle Schwarber was the 4th overall pick in last years draft out of the university of Indiana. I believed and still do believe the Cubs reached for him in the draft, he wasn’t a top 5 prospect I believe he was ranked somewhere around 20. Meaning the 20th best prospect available not the 4th. I’m not saying Schwarber isn’t good or anything like that I just think the Cubs could’ve gotten a better all around talent at 4. He’s got a good bat but nothing else really his arm is maybe a tick above average and it was a question from the beginning if he could stay behind the plate or not. Another thing, the Cubs are a NL team so no DH if they were an AL team and could use a DH then it wouldn’t seem like such a reach at 4. Coincidentally he’s being called up to DH only. He’s still trying to stay at catcher which is obviously a plus if you have a good hitter behind the plate. Look at Joe Mauer phenomenal catcher, batting titles, silver sluggers, even a MVP then he moved to first now he’s a below average 1st baseman. I wouldn’t compare Schwarber to Mauer but I’m just saying a good hitting catcher is always good. He’s hitting .320 with 13 homers and 39 rbis so far in AA he deserved the promotion I don’t know about straight to the majors but the way they’re doing it makes sense. If I had to throw a comparison for him out there I’d say Mike Napoli little bit more average for Schwarber but about the same amount of power. Lastly if I were a Cubs fan I’d keep my fingers crossed Kyle Schwarber can stay at catcher it’ll make his bat that much better.


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