#20 Byron Buxton/Francisco Lindor

So 2 of the preseason top 10 prospects made their respected debuts yesterday. Both Bryon Buxton and Francisco Lindor got the call up for yesterday’s games. Today I’m just going to write a little about what to expect from these young talents. Buxton made his debut at the right time, the Twins are scuffling big time and could use the talented prospect. As for Francisco Lindor it didn’t really matter when the Indians brought him I don’t they’ll do anything this year with or without Lindor.

Let’s start with Bryon Buxton, I’ve talked about him before but just a reminder he’s only 21. He has incredible speed (an 80 on the 20-80 scale) and I saw plenty of it on display yesterday. The one time he was on base he took off to steal second at least 2 or 3 times but every time the batter either put in play or fouled it back. The speed obviously catches/caught my eye but I want to mention his other tools. Remember on the 20-80 scale, 50 is average, 55-65 is above average, and 70-80 is great. His hitting for average tool is a 70 easy .300 hitter, power is a 60 around 20 homers, speed is an 80 few players (Billy Hamilton) are actually faster than him, both fielding and arm strength are a 70 which is gold glove caliber. If you ask me that’s an all around 5 tool player not too many of those around. For comparison I’ll throw Mike Trout out there, not Trout today Trout when he first came up. Mike Trout put on 20+ pounds of muscle and became a power hitter, good for him of course but he had less power than Buxton did coming through the minors. Buxton has at least some power at this point Trout had barely an average tool. So in conclusion I think Buxton is better than Trout. Trout doesn’t have a good arm therefore you can’t even call him a five tool player I know the “experts” do. Time will tell of course but I think Buxton has a chance be like Mike or even better than Mike. Lastly Twins fans be prepared for Mike Trout 2.0.

Second prospect called up yesterday was Indians shortstop Francisco Lindor. He is also only 21 years old and I personally think he was ready to be called up last year at 20. Unlike Buxton I’m not going to talk about every tool. There’s is only one outstanding tool and that’s his glove which will be gold in the future. The glove has always been there and that’s not too common. Usually a prospect can hit and you teach him to play wherever you need him. Not in Lindors case he is a gold glove caliber shortstop straight from the minors. Not saying he can’t hit or anything it’s just his glove is his calling card. He was hitting .281 at AAA this year so not too great but not horrible. He’s a switch hitter, will for a decent average, steal some bases, has below average power but is an outstanding defensive shortstop. This might be a little bit too far but he has this kind of potential, Indians fans get ready for Ozzie Smith 2.0.


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