#19 Prince Fielder

Like any other day I couldn’t figure out what to write about until Prince Fielder popped into my head. I’ll talk a little about the Rangers as a whole first. So they’re a little above .500 at 31-29 and playing pretty decent baseball. That’s surprising considering all of the injuries they endured so far this year. They lost Yu Darvish for the entire year which was a huge blow therefore I’m personally surprised they’re in second place a couple months in. Without an ace like Darvish I didn’t think they had enough pitching to win. Obviously they always had the offense to get it done but Jurikson Profar went down before the season that would’ve helped but he hasn’t played in 2 years so I’m not sold on him anymore. Then there’s Adrian Beltre who continuously gets better with age he’s on pace for a potential HOF career. He has been out for a few weeks and Joey Gallo stepped in and is playing well enough. Nobody knew what to expect from Prince Fielder after he missed almost all of 2014 because of back surgery. Let’s talk about the big vegetarian, he’s batting .346 (leads AL) with 10 homers and 42 rbis. Which is great from a big question mark for the Rangers. That’s the player they thought they were getting when they traded for him in the first place. If I had to guess the power numbers will go up and the average will go down throughout the season. The average could drop 40 points and he’d still be a .300 hitter. Never been much of an average hitter but more of a good homerun hitter. If the homers do go up like I predict, he’ll be in line for a MVP as well as a comeback player of the year award. As for the Rangers as a whole I don’t see them doing much better than right now but once Beltre comes back, put Gallo out in right and I think they’ll put up good offensive numbers. It’ll still rely on the pitching and I don’t think they have enough to go anywhere.


2 thoughts on “#19 Prince Fielder

  1. Agreed. I’m digging the josh Hamilton return story with them, but they could very well be last in the al west by the end of the year if the A’s finally come to their senses. It is such a good division though, so that’s not a huge diss to the rangers


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