#18 Matt Harvey

I know these posts have been getting shorter and shorter everyday mainly because I can’t really think of things to write about. Like everyday I couldn’t really think of anything so I’m just talk about Matt Harvey. He was on the mound last night and got roughed up 7 earned runs in 6 innings. I don’t see why the Mets would leave someone in when he’s coming off Tommy John surgery and obviously didn’t have his stuff. And they kept him out there for no real reason. When he is on, Harvey’s obviously one of the best around but he wasn’t last night and I really don’t think he should’ve been in there. He wasn’t finishing his pitches when he got a guy 0-2 he wouldn’t finish the job, make him hit his pitch or a strikeout. He would leave one up in the zone or something very hittable. He’s still 6-4 so he is obviously still doing fine but the Mets are playing with fire here. Harvey is just a little over a year removed from Tommy John and he should have an innings limit this year like most pitchers coming off Tommy John. The Mets are not playing bad if it continues they’ll probably be in wildcard contention. But without Harvey down the stretch I don’t think they’ll do anything. So why not limit his innings now? Take him out if he isn’t pitching like he can. There’s no reason to keep him in unless you have no intention of winning this year. There’s a high chance that one Tommy John surgery leads to another especially when you put the stress on your arm when throwing 98 mph. Sorry Met fans I don’t think management really has the intention to win right now.


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