#17 St. Louis Cardinals

So today I couldn’t figure out anything to write about so I figured why not the Cards? They’ve been in the headlines lately because of so many injuries which obviously is never good. They’re 38-21 which by far the best in the NL. I’m surprised, wouldn’t say too surprised, but surprised that they’re in first after losing Adam Wainwright. That’s a legitimate ace and cy young candidate that they lost for the entire season. He wins 20 games with ease, on a regular basis not too many teams can lose an ace and be alright. The Cardinals are one of them mainly because of Michael Wacha. He’s only 23 and completely replaced Wainwright without skipping a beat. He’s been good in the past couple years and I saw this player coming but once Wainwright went down everybody backed of the Cards but an emerging ace helps.

Second I want to talk a little about the offense which could be in trouble with Holiday and Adams both going down with injuries. Those are the 3 and 4 hitters on this team it’s never good when the middle of your order goes down. Mark Reynolds can replace Matt Adams for now and supply some good power to the lineup. But how are they going to replace Holiday? Jon Jay? Peter Bourjos? That’s not enough power those are just speed guys. Randal Grichuk is probably the best option I wouldn’t say he has good power but it’s at least ok power. If Holiday is out longer than expected it could be a problem for the Cards. Still a good team though so still going to win plenty.


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