#16 the draft

I will be writing about the draft this time. So the MLB draft was last night and I just want to recap it and mention a couple players that I liked. But first got to talk about Carlos Correa, so he made his debut last night at 20 years old he didn’t set the world on fire or anything but he was impressive. He went 1-4 with a rbi which isn’t great against an average pitcher but he did it against Chris Sale. Plus he made a sparkling defensive play showing off his great arm strength which made me forget he’s only 20. I know I mention Correa a lot but he’s probably the prospect I’ve liked most since Bryce Harper if you know me you know what that means.

You can’t talk about the draft and not talk about the first overall pick, Dansby Swanson. The shortstop from Vanderbilt went 1-1 and for good reason. He has a good hit tool he’s going to hit for a good average in the majors with maybe 10-15 homers nothing too special power wise. Unlike many of the shortstops in the draft he will actually stick at short, the most athletic player usual plays short because that’s where the coaches put them they don’t know they can be better at another position Justin Upton was the first overall pick as a shortstop now he’s a corner outfielder. Dansby has good range at short with plus tools in both his arm and his glove. With his good on base skills and his above average speed I project him as a good 2 hole hitter for the Dbacks.

The other draftees I want to talk about both went to Astros one was a first rounder, Kyle Tucker and the other was a second rounder, Daz Cameron. They’re both high school outfielders with baseball blood lines. Kyle Tucker is the younger brother of Preston Tucker who is a rookie outfielder for the Astros coincidentally. And Daz Cameron is the son of former major league outfielder Mike Cameron. First I’ll talk about Kyle Tucker, he was taken 5th overall and the first outfielder off the board. I don’t think it was an actual comparison but they mentioned he holds his hands a lot like Ted Willams did and that’s just unfair to compare a high school kid to the best pure hitter ever. I think his actual comparison is Wil Myers he goes no batting gloves like Myers. He’s just an above average hitter he will hit for a good average with good power and average defense with an average arm. Good hitter in his future. Second I want to talk about Daz Cameron who looks a lot like his father. Good size and a good athlete with at least average tools across the board. Good bat speed he doesn’t hit too many homers in high school but profiles to have at least average big league power. He isn’t a burner or anything but he can stay in center and might win some gold gloves like his daddy. Cameron was actually rated higher than Tucker was. I heard his asking price for a signing bonus was simply too high it wasn’t his tools or anything he just wanted too much money so a lot of teams passed on him. Sounds like it was his own fault he fell to the second round.


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