#15 Carlos Correa/ the draft

Happy Carlos Correa day everybody! Yes the #2 overall prospect is finally being called up after tearing up the minors. I’ll talk a little bit about him and also I’ll talk about the draft which is also today.

So first Carlos Correa, the #1 overall pick in 2012 at 17 years old this kids talent if off the charts. He’s a 5 tool player the comparisons to Troy Tulowitzki are uncanny. Like Tulo he’s a bigger shortstop and should put up MVP numbers yearly if he stays healthy which has been his only downfall in the minors. He has hit at every level so far all while being the youngest player. He hit .335 with 10 HRs and 44 rbis (which lead the minors) and 18 steals at AA and AAA this year. And that’s just a little over a couple months of games. They, meaning the experts, say he just has decent speed but he’s stolen plenty of bases at every level so I don’t think it’s just a “decent” tool. Oh yeah he’s only 20 years old and made the majors already. So tonight he’s facing Chris Sale who is absolutely nasty, but Correa might be young but he’s good. So I’m projecting him to go 2-4 with a double tonight all I can say is this kid will be good watch out pitchers.

Second I want to talk a little about the draft. Not the top of the draft which is as stacked as usual but I’m actually interested in the mid to late first round. When you draft these young kids you’re just drafting based on their tools you can’t guarantee the young shortstop is going to learn how to hit a good curveball, and you can’t guarantee the pitcher who throws 95 is going to develop his off speed pitches. The top guys they’re are usually more sure of but the middle guys interest me. They’re just as toolsy it’s just they’re aren’t so sure they’ll make the majors there is tons of good players to be drafted middle to late first round. The most notable is Mike Trout he was the 25th overall pick and obviously turned out great. There’s always a Mike Trout lurking in the draft who has good potential but also big question marks to answer. Watch out for Carson Fulmer from Vanderbilt he’s the top pitcher in the draft but he has this funky delivery. He’ll probably go pretty early but I like him I think he’ll be pretty good.


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