#14 Washington Nationals

I’ve been racking my brain trying to figure out what to write about and I got nothing so today I’m going to write about my team, the Nats. Anthony Rendon came back last night so I’ll talk a little about that and I heard some interesting trade rumors. The Nats are 29-25 which is good for second place in the NL east and it’s actually disappointing. They’re only a half game back so it’s not like they’re in the hot seat or anything but underachieving. With Jayson Werth on the DL and Rendon just coming back the offense is good but not as good as it could be. Now the pitching, Stephen Strasburg and Doug Fister are both on the DL and neither was pitching to their potential before they went down. If all these pieces come back and play like they can this team will be as unstoppable as everybody projected.

First Anthony Rendon, he finished 5th in the MVP voting last year and lead the league in runs. He is a great catalyst at the top of this lineup behind Dernard Span and in front of Bryce Harper. Plus he plays gold glove defense at both third and second. I personally think he’s better at third but honestly I don’t care were he plays just get that bat in the lineup. He came back and played second last night which I thought was weird but I was glad to see him back period. He gets on base, hits for some power, steals some bases, play good defense, what more could you want from a two hole hitter?

I heard about a pretty interesting trade rumor, the Nationals are interested in trading for Athletics’ Ben Zobrist. Everyone wants Zobrist it’s not a surprise or anything the A’s suck and he’s their only position player worth trading for. He will be a free agent after the season so just a rental and he can literally play anywhere. Like I said he plays every position, except for catcher and plays them well. You can’t really say that about too many players now days you can maybe get 2 positions out of them 3 max. It’s a breath of fresh air when a player is willing to play every position like Zobrist. I wouldn’t trade anyone big or anything for him but a Yunel Escobar or something. Then Rendon can go back to third and plug in Zobrist at second and he can also play anywhere else if someone gets hurt. This is just a rumor I don’t think he’ll get traded to the Nats I think the team is pretty good as is, but I wouldn’t mind having a player like Zobrist on the team.


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