#13 Mark Trumbo trade

Today I’m going to write about the semi-big trade that happened last night. So the main part of this trade was Mark Trumbo 1st baseman/outfielder for the Arizona Diamondbacks going to the Seattle Mariners for catcher Wellington Castillo. That was a the main attraction in this trade but there was also a few good prospects going to the Dbacks that many people might not know about and I’ll talk about one in particular that I like. But first let’s talk about Trumbo, who I think is going to a good situation in Seattle. He’s more of a 1st baseman than an outfielder anyways but the Dbacks have one of the best 1st baseman in the league so they were kind of forced to play him in the OF. I think this trade could work out for both sides because Seattle needed both a 1st baseman and a right handed hitter all they really have is Nelson Cruz and everybody else is a lefty. And the Dbacks really needed to get Trumbo out of the OF they had better options out there anyway. I know Safeco field in Seattle isn’t exactly a hitters favorite place to hit but Nelly Cruz is making it look small right now so Trumbo shouldn’t have too much of a problem. And the Dbacks didn’t have an elite catcher or anything so Wellington Castillo isn’t a bad pickup for them.

Now to the prospect I like, he has an uncle who was a terrific player the prospects’ name is Gabby Guerrero. His uncle is Vlad Guerrero I loved watching this guy play prototypical right fielder, a cannon for arm and can hit. When I say hit I mean it Vlad would swing at anything and actually hit it he would hit pitches that literally would bounce in front of home plate. Now Gabby is identical to his uncle, same body type and tool set. He’s can swing it like Vlad and he’s definitely not afraid to go out of the zone, has a plus (above average) arm, he isn’t a bad runner but he isn’t going to burn you every time he gets on the bases. I saw Gabby in the futures game last year and if they didn’t show his first name you would’ve thought it was Vlad. He’s only 21 years old but he’s already playing in AA, he isn’t doing too great so I’ll be a little surprised if you see him in the majors this season. But he has a very high ceiling (like his uncle) if he figures it out you can expect some big things.


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