#12 Kris Bryant/Chicago Cubs

First of all how about that Joey Gallo guy? 3-4 with a homerun and 4 rbis that’s pretty great for a pro debut. And his homer went 440+ feet it was a bomb! I projected him to go 1-4 I didn’t expect him to hit .750 in his debut his swing creates so much torque. So all I can say is if you go to a Rangers game be ready for some tape measure homers.

I want to talk about the Cubs today, Kris Bryant was in left field last night for the fans that might be a glimpse into the future. Bryant is doing alright at third but I think he is actually thinking too much when the ball is hit to him. From the games I’ve watched he fields a grounder then he double pumps and thinks before he throws. It’s not his arm or anything he has plenty of arm strength to play third it’s more of where his head is at. Players who make a lot of errors usually can physically handle the position but not mentally. Let’s look at his minor league career at third, so AA played third made a ton of errors but raked same with AAA and spring training. Then he goes to the majors and has to really work to stay at third because he knows he’s defense will be scrutinized. Because he’s thinking too much he’s only hitting decently with just ok power. If Bryant moved to left he wouldn’t have to worry so much about his defense and probably hit better in the process I don’t think his average will get much higher but his power numbers should. Also moving Bryant to left could open an easy hole for an infielder. Without trading Castro that is, I think they should but the whole cheap club friendly contract probably is the only reason he’s still a Cub. Javier Baez is hitting over .300 in AAA this year and should be in the majors already but the Cubs are causing this logjam themselves. Just make this simple, move Bryant to left, Castro to third, Russell to short, and call up Baez. You already know he can play a decent second base don’t have to teach a new position I think he should play third but that’s my opinion. That would be the easy way out without trading Castro I don’t think Cub fans are happy with him right now can’t hit, can’t field, trade him simple as that. Or at least get him out of shortstop when there is at least 2 better options.


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