#11 Joey Gallo

I’ve been waiting for this day since I started writing this blog. The day when a top prospect gets called up but maybe not too many people know about him. This is my way of showing off a little if you know me you know I know about almost every prospect but I don’t get to show it too often. Now I get to talk about one specific player instead of an entire team so this post might be a little short compared to usual. Today I will be talking about the Texas Rangers prospect Joey Gallo.

Joey Gallo, along with Kris Bryant and Bryce Harper, is another Vegas product. I don’t know about you but if I had a son I’d be moving to Las Vegas as soon as possible. The baseball talent coming out of this area is absolutely ridiculous Bryant, Harper, and Gallo. These aren’t just a few players coming from the same place or anything these are top 10 MLB prospects, Bryant and Harper were top 2. Another fact they played little league together all 3! Can you imagine? Harper is the shortest at 6’3″, these three little monsters on same team hitting 400 foot homers by the age of 12. In case you didn’t catch that Gallo has just as much power as the other 2. His 6’5″ and 230 pound frame produces great leverage and easy light tower power he has an 80 power, scouts use a scale called the 20-80 scale a 50 is average and obviously an 80 is the best you can do. Bryant and Gallo are very comparable, similar size with good power Bryant is a little more of a polished hitter meaning he won’t chase pitches out of the zone quite as much as Gallo. But both will hit for good power while striking out a ton and playing questionable defense at third but both have good arms and could stick there for the time being. Gallo has raw power which means in batting practice he can show the power or a pitch down the middle but can he take a good pitch out? It’s a question mark but I believe he can just my opinion. He was hitting .314 in the minors this year so he’s not too bad of a contract hitter but I don’t think he’ll get close to that but .260 is not out of the question. For a 40 homer guy I’ll take that everyday of the week and twice on Sunday. He’s only 21 years old so Ranger fans shouldn’t get too mad if he strikes out a few times today or if he makes an error let him learn a little bit eventually he’ll show that left handed power. He also plays in Texas which is a great hitters park so if he gets ahold of one watch out nose bleed seats. I assume he’ll be in the lineup so my projection for him tonight is 1-4 with 2 k’s I don’t think he’ll hit a homer tonight but I honestly wouldn’t be surprised.


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