#10 Pittsburgh Pirates

First I’m sorry I didn’t post on Friday I did something to my shoulder and could barely move at all. Now today I’m going to write about the Pirates specifically their outfield which I think is the best in baseball. I’ve liked the Pirates for a few years now they’ve had a good farm system for awhile now and they’re starting to blossom into major league talent. They sit at 26-24 which is a game behind the Cubs that lands them in third place it doesn’t look like anybody is catching up with the Cards. But they are surging right now and looking like the same team that has been in the wildcard game 2 years in a row. The team is pretty good I don’t think they’ll take over the Cards but I would put my money on them being in the wildcard game. I’m trying to keep these posts relatively short and not ramble on too much so I’ll keep it in the outfield for today.

Let’s start in left field with Starling Marte, he’s not exactly young at 26 years old but that’s right in his prime. He has the tools to be a superstar he just has yet to put everything together and this might be the year. He already has 10 homers and 8 steals this year if you round those out to a full year that’s about a 30-30 guy. He’s only hitting .265 this year but he has hit .290 before so that could definitely go up. He has also stolen 40 bags in a year so the speed has always been there. As in a lot of prospects power is the last tool to develop and he’s showing plus power so far this year. MVP might be a little bit of a stretch but definitely keep your eyes peeled for Marte.

The most established of this big three is obviously Andrew McCutchen. And he is off to a slow start, for Cutch standards at least hitting only .275 with 7 homers he also has 3 steals so it’s not horrible just not up to par for him. I’m pretty sure the former MVP will finish with his usual numbers .320+ avg 20+ homers 20+ steals while playing a pretty good center field. Kershaw had an amazing year last year but if I had a vote I would’ve voted for Cutch to win his second straight MVP. It’s pretty funny when you think about the MVP is the least toolsy of the three and Cutch is pretty toolsy himself.

And finally my favorite of the three Gregory Polanco. He has the tools to be a better version of McCutchen unlike Cutch he’s actually a big guy 6’4″ 225 pounds. The speed is already shinning has 13 steals already this year the hitting ability and power should come eventually. Hitting .256 with 3 homers so far so that should improve throughout the season. When he first came up he was hitting .300 for the first month then the pitchers adjusted to him and he hasn’t quite adjusted back just yet. He has such a sweet left handed swing, just fluent and easy reminds me a lot of Ken Griffey Jr. I can’t say he’ll have the power Junior did but he has that kind of swing. What I didn’t mention is he’s only 23 years old got plenty of time to figure it out. That’s just the outfield they have plenty of talent to win a playoff spot. Didn’t even mention the farm system which is pretty stacked they will be good for years to come so watch out Cardinals.


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