#8 LA Angels/Mike Trout

I’m back from my trip, saw some family, saw the Nats beat the Cubs it was a good time. I had a blast but I got to get back to my regular schedule which includes writing this. So today I’m going to write about the Angels more specifically Mike Trout. And I know my cousin has been waiting on this one. Maybe a little bit about how they mistreated Josh Hamilton so this will probably be a short one. First and foremost got to talk about how they’re doing so far this season, who are just 23-23 just a normal .500 team. I honestly don’t see anything too special about them yeah they have the MVP but what else? Pujols, Weaver, and Wilson are all past their prime not saying they’re bad just saying they’re on the older side. Then they traded Hamilton for nothing and I really don’t see a good team like last year.

Alright I can talk about Trout for hours so I’ll try to keep this relatively short. Let’s talk about how Trout is doing this year before I talk about last year. This year he’s not doing bad or anything, he’s no Harper though (for my cousin) but .290 11 homers with some stolen bases I’ll take it. I don’t think those are MVP numbers but I don’t think he put up MVP numbers last year either. Hitting .280 and leading the league in strikeouts that’s not too MVP to me. If it was the Trout from a year or two ago I would of gave it to him in a heartbeat, hitting .320 25+ homers 80+ rbis to go along with 30+ steals those are MVP numbers of course Miggy put up better numbers. When Mike Trout was a prospect he tore through the minors he didn’t have the power he transitioned into but he was easily the fastest guy out there. Throughout the minors the most homers he hit in a year was like 15 but he stole 60+ bags a year. But he packed on like 20-25 pounds of muscle now he hits 30+ homers a year and discarded his speed, last year that is, this year he’s stealing some bases. I don’t see him cutting down the strikeouts I just think the majority of the pitchers found the hole in his swing. It’s the pitch up in case you didn’t know, he can hit anything and everything down but he can’t hit the fastball up at all, not just the 95+ he can’t hit the mediocre fastballs either. As long as you can get it up if you miss your spot well you should know what happens.

Now about Josh Hamilton, man I feel bad for him the Angels treated him like he was a bum. So during the offseason he had shoulder surgery which for a normal player is no big deal but for a recovering addict like Hamilton it’s a little different. All those pain killers eventually caused him to relapse and Hamilton being the good guy he is went and turned himself in as soon as it happened. And didn’t violate any rules but apparently the Angels got mad and thought he deserved to get suspended and the owner made the same comments. I mean the whole thing was messed up the Angels paid him a bunch of money they knew he had a risk of relapsing when they signed him. I was in aww when they traded him to the Rangers AND payed 70+ million of the 80 million left AND got nothing in return. They treated him like dirt it was ridiculous.


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