#7 Detroit Tigers

For those who actually read this I will be going out of town for a few days so this might be my last post until Wednesday or so. I do however have the app so if something comes up and I just have to write about it I could. But these posts actually take some time to write and I think I’ll keep pretty busy. That being said lets get to it, today I want to talk about the Detroit Tigers. I have family in Detroit and some family who are tiger fans so let’s talk about them today. The Tigers are a pretty good 25-17 team but unfortunately they’re 2 games behind the Royals because nobody saw the Royals coming (sarcasm I totally saw them coming even called them being in the WS). Detroit’s farm system is a stinker and has been for a few years I can talk about the nobody prospects they have but who really cares? So I’m going to keep it in the majors this time and talk about 2 players I really like, David Price and Nick Castellanos.

Start with the starter in David Price. He is a big left hander with big fastball that is easy 94-95. That is really good for a lefty he throws in a good breaking ball and change but he attacks with his fastball. I’ve watched and liked him since the beginning when he was the #1 overall pick out of Vanderbilt. So far this year he’s 3-1 with a 3.32 era which is good but honestly I believe he can be a 20 game winner with this offense behind him. He will have 200 strikeouts you can pretty much guarantee that but I will say a 20 game winner as well.

Now I want to talk about someone that probably goes unnoticed, Nick Castellanos. He’s only hitting .240 with 4 homers and 19 rbis which isn’t too special but if you watch this kid he has the potential. Just a reminder he’s only 23 years old so a young kid but he is also pretty big 6’4″. He was a pretty good prospect so I’ve known about him for awhile he has good gap to gap power a lot of doubles some homers this will make a pretty good slugging %. Plays a pretty good third base, you know how they traded Prince Fielder a couple years back? It was so they could move Miggy to first and let this kid play. He has great potential so last thing I’ll say is Tiger fans watch out for this kid.


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