#6 Minnesota Twins

Today I’m going to talk a little about the Minnesota Twins more specifically their farm system. I’m not really that interested in their major league team I’m more interested in the farm system because it’s been one of the best in baseball the last couple years. As for the majors, the Twins are a very surprising team to be over .500. They really don’t have that one superstar that’s leading the league in some stat they just have a bunch of players playing good. It reminds me of the Giants in the playoffs just squeaking by and winning. Of course I’m not saying the twinkies are going to even be in the playoffs but they’re playing good right now.

Before I talk about the Twins I got to set the record straight for Bryce Harper. I’ll try to keep this PG which won’t be easy I’m a little fired up. He’s probably going to get a bunch of crap for getting ejected last night. It was completely ridiculous so he takes a very low strike no big deal he just shook his head and got ready for the next pitch. At this point this point Matt Williams (manager) was chirping from the dugout yelling that was low, nothing new right? So then the ump calls time so he can yell back at Williams, Harper steps out of the box while the two are yelling back and forth. Then you can read the lips the ump told Harper to get back in the box Harper said I was standing right there then when Harper went back to put his foot in the box he got tossed. Really? For what? You can’t just toss a player because you don’t like him so that’s why me and a bunch of people think the ump will be hearing from the MLB. Unless Harper said something under his breath that only the umpire caught there is absolutely no reason for him to get ejected.

You can’t talk about the Twins and not mention Byron Buxton. Who is the number one prospect (ahead of Kris Bryant and Carlos Correa) he is a true 5 tool player. To make it even more simple he is Mike Trout 2.0. Now Trout was obviously a terrific prospect but he never showed the power he has today not even in the slightest 10-15 homers a year at most. He has the exact same tool set as Trout did at the same point except for one thing, the power. Buxton would probably be a 20 homer guy in the majors right now and that’s actually his worst tool. And another thing the number 2 overall pick in 2012 has over Trout is Buxton has a good throwing arm. Another prospect I want to mention is Jose Berrios a 20 year old (almost 21) starting pitcher. He is just an all around good pitcher sits around 93-94 mph with a good change and a good breaking ball. And he’s got great work ethic and he can simply pitch. He’s not a huge dude or anything only around 6 foot but I can’t stress this enough he can pitch. At such a young age you usually look for good stuff then hope you can teach him how to pitch but Berrios already knows how to so watch out for this kid he’ll be good.


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