#5 Boston Red Sox

This is my 5th time writing this blog and I still have no idea how to start it. Today I’m going to write about the Sox, some of their players and going on a rant about Yoan Moncada. They’re only 19-20 so under .500 and only 3 games out in the surprisingly mediocre AL east.

The pitching they have is just ok at best they don’t have an ace and that’s putting it mildly. They paid 80 million to Rick Porcello whose a number 2 at best probably around a 3 or 4 to be realistic. If I was him I would’ve taken that money too he’s only 25-26 about to be a free agent so he signed a 4 year deal worth a lot of money and he will be a free agent at the age of 30. And Clay Buchholz has only pitched 200 innings once in his career so they’re missing that genuine ace at the top of the rotation like a Cole Hamels. It’s been talked about all offseason and so far this season so why haven’t they pulled the trigger? Honestly I don’t know it just makes sense to me and everybody else. Boston can easily afford the rest of Hamels contract and they have a deep enough farm system to pull off a big trade. So why not? Supposedly the Phillies are asking for Mookie Betts in return the Sox are reluctant. Betts is Andrew McCutchen Jr both are small (Betts 5’9″, Cutch 5’10”) steals plenty of bases, plays above average defense, hits for average with good power. But they have 7 prospects in the top 100 but you’re telling me the Phillies don’t want any of them? So either the Phillies or the Red Sox are being a little to greedy.

I want to talk about Yoan Moncada because many people probably don’t know who he is. Before I get started just know I do like him he is talented but there are certain things I don’t like. He’s a 6’1″ish 200 lb switch hitting 19 year old infielder from Cuba. He’s got the talent and everything he’s compared to Robinson Cano but I think that is a little too much. I can’t really tell you about his stats or anything because he’s season just begun in A ball. He only hit around .270 for the Cuban national team granted he was only a 19 years old but I don’t think that deserves 31.5 million dollars which is a record by the way. Under 21 years old results in different guidelines then the Puig, Abreu, and Chapman kind of international money. Like I said he is talented but I think that 31 million is way too much. Bryce Harper who has already proven he can hit major league pitching, even at 19 and is only getting paid 2.5 million this year. Now the second part I don’t like, as soon as he signed they put him in the top 100 prospects of course. The part I didn’t like is that he got put at #9 before he even saw a pitch in professional baseball. Which is ahead of many prospects who’s had success in the minors and even the majors like Jorge Soler and Joc Pederson. He’s got the talent to be a top 10 prospect but let’s pump our brakes and see if he can hit in the U.S. Or not.


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