#4 New York Yankees/Arod

I had no idea what to write about this time so I’m just going to rant about Alex Rodriguez. The Yankees are surprisingly in first place and they’re playing the Nats tonight. I know quite a few Yankee fans, so yeah I’m just going talk about Arod today so this post might be short.

I have this one specific memory of my grandpa, it was when Arod was still just a young gun or even a rookie. He told me “watch out for this kid he’ll be great” he was half right about that one. He also said watch out for Frank Thomas so he went 1 for 2, hitting .500 I’ll take it. Anyways back to Arod, I’ll get to his stats and how he’s doing this year later I want to talk about biogenesis. It baffles me that the fans gave him a standing ovation his first game back did they already forget what he did? This is so much more than just steroids, the other players who got caught in biogenesis thing (over half were current or former Yankees just so you know) even Ryan Braun whose despicable in his own, was like “hey I cheated the game you caught me” but not Arod. When the Miami newspaper published what biogenesis was really up to Arod tried to outright buy his files from them for an insane amount of money so he wouldn’t get caught. Once that didn’t work he actually threatened to kill Tony Bosch who then ratted out every player in exchange for less jail time. When Bosch interviewed on 60 minutes he completely ratted out Arod and all the texts between them and everything. He said he supplied Arod since his Texas days. It gets worse, he then got suspended over 200 games and not surprising he filed an appeal. He played through his appeal which I don’t like but it’s nothing new that’s the process. He lost the appeal and ended up getting suspended for the entire 2014 season. After which he fired his lawyers and sued them, he sued the players union for “not representing him fairly”, he sued the Yankees and their team doctors/trainers so you can say he’s a sore loser. I believe he came to his senses and dropped all the lawsuits. He’s batting .250 with 10 homers and 22 rbis which is ok for a 39 year old. But he’s still dead to me and he was on of my favorite players so it’s unfortunate no matter what he does I doubt he’ll get this fan back but hey I guess Yankees don’t care. That was a joke teasing the Yankee fans. I bet my blood pressure was pretty high while I wrote this.


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