#3 Houston Astros

Lucky number 3. This time I’m going to be talking about the surprisingly first place Houston Astros. Who are a surprising 25-13 and are 5 games up on the AL west.

Based on the trades they pulled off in the offseason I thought they’d be ok until June/July when they call up their big name prospects. They traded a couple of good prospects when they got Evan Gattis, who’s of to a slow start .188 avg 7 HRs 20 rbis, but is still pretty good. I don’t think he really has a position besides DH he’s got a decent arm but he’s pretty big for a catcher the Astros haven’t even tried him there. They’ve got a pretty good outfield with Colby Rasmus, Jake Marisnick, and George Springer probably one of the most athletic ones in the majors so Gattis doesn’t really fit in there either. So I had some questions when they traded for Gattis and then signed Rasmus.

Let’s talk about George Springer because I like him a lot. He went 30-30 in the minors almost 40-40 in case you don’t know that means 30 homeruns and 30 steals. He’s going to hit for some power probably 25+ homers good speed 30+ steals and he probably won the gold glove already with his plays in April. He’s not going to hit for much of an average and will strike out plenty but his speed/power combo is great. His stats as of now are pretty good he’s only hitting .190 so hopefully that improves but 6 HRs and 10 steals already is not too shabby.

I can’t talk about the Astros without bringing up Carlos Correa. The #1 overall pick in 2012 at 17 years old this kids talent if off the charts. He’s a 5 tool player the comparisons to Troy Tulowitzki are uncanny. Like Tulo he’s a bigger shortstop and should put up MVP numbers yearly if he stays healthy which has been his only downfall in the minors. He has hit at every level so far all while being the youngest player. He’s hitting .360+ with 7 HRs and 33 rbis (which leads the minors) and 16 steals at AA and AAA this year. And that’s just a little over a month of games. They, meaning the experts, say he just has he’s just has decent speed but he’s stolen plenty of bases at every level so I don’t think it’s just a “decent” tool. He’ll be up in the majors sometime in June which will make the Astros even better. Oh yeah what I didn’t mention he’s only 20 years old. I’m not going to say the Astros will win the AL west but with Correa up and the team they already have they have a good shot.


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