#2 Chicago Cubs

This is only my second attempt. I’m still getting used to this I’m going to write exactly how I’d talk to someone if I was asked. Like I said I’m still getting used to it I barely know what I’m doing so any constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated. I’ll be trying to post everyday if not everyday then every other day or a regular basis. I know a lot of cub fans and it’s a big topic here in the Midwest so I’ll talk about the Chicago Cubs. They’re playing as I write this so my stats might not be perfectly up to date.

They obviously have incredible young talent for a few years now. Probably even better than the Royals had a few years before then they had Hosmer, Moustakas, Myers etc. I think Theo Epstein knows how to build up a team he did it in Boston I just knew he do the same for the Cubs. I think they’re a .500 team this year maybe a tick above which puts them close to a wild card. The farm has been stocked for years and, depending on the trade or trades they make, I think Cub fans should be excited for 2016. A trade is inevitable the prospects they have will create a logjam I already think they have one. Let’s start in the infield, so they have Starlin Castro, Addison Russell, and Javier Baez can all play SS/2b. Castro probably has the lowest upside of the three but at least you know what you’re getting unlike Russell or Baez, however he is the worst fielding of them which is saying something because Baez is average at best. Baez is killing it triple A 11-22 tear his question has always been can he make enough contact to show off his power. I believe they should trade Castro, who cares about his club friendly deal, move Russell to short where he should be able to show off his good defense, and move Baez to third, which will mean Kris Bryant moves to left where he’d be better, as for second call back up Alcantara (I’m not even going to try to spell his first name I’d embarrass myself) his plus speed and decent power is hard to come by he’s also a switch hitter the Cubs will be right handed heavy so it’s a good thing. Yes that was a really long sentence. Let’s look at the tools of Russell, Baez, and Castro. Start with Russell, he’s about a .280 to .300 guy with 15-20 homers and maybe 20+ steals with a gold glove at a premium position. Baez has easy 30+ homerun pop around 20 steals decent defense with a good arm. Now Castro .300 hitter if he’s lucky around 200 hits around 15 homers maybe he can add on to that 10 steals again if he’s lucky and sub-par defense probably close to the top in errors at short. That was just SS/2b and I didn’t even talk stats too much felt like this was getting a little long. That was just scratching the surface I can talk about this for hours.


3 thoughts on “#2 Chicago Cubs

  1. Taylor says:

    Castro summed up his Cubs career in one sully play against the Pirates yesterday. In a close game against a great pitcher he stole second, but instead of making a major league slide he slid over the base feet first. The form was awful, and he was called out when the tag was applied as he slid over that bag. He will never be a smart player. Those plays cost you when you are trying to win a world series. That is the goal. He has to go.


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