Going going blog 

This is my first attempt at a blog so don’t hate on it just yet. The name is going going blog it’s a play off “Going going gone” credit to cousin for the name. It’s just going to be a plain and boring baseball blog Twitters 140 character limit wasn’t really doing me justice. Those who know me know I know about every team, every player and their mother. I’m just going to ramble on about whatever team whatever player anything baseball related really. No, my grammar will not be perfect there is a high chance I will spell someone’s name wrong don’t let that bother you. I really hope I can get suggestions from you guys on what to write about next it’d make it so much easier instead of just writing about whatever crosses my mind. I’ll be posting to both my Facebook and my Twitter so feel free to comment or tweet me about what my next post should be about a certain player, certain team, their farm system whatever just feel free. Today I’m going to write about my favorite team the Nationals, more specifically Bryce Harper and Max Scherzer.

Let’s start off with Max Scherzer. He’s on the mound tonight so his 1.99 era has a chance to go down more. When he signed in Washington I personally was very unhappy. Not saying he was bad or anything it was because I didn’t like the Nats giving up a first round pick for a 30+ year old. On top of that they shoveled out 210 million dollars? What does that mean for the other Nats starters? That was before I saw him on a regular basis now I’m watching every start and he’s a lot better than I thought and seems to have a good presence in the dugout obviously got a good head on his shoulders he’s getting paid 15 million a year for 14(!) years. Hes not really a power pitcher his not going to beat you with 98 or anything he sits around 93 and can push it up to 95 when he needs it. Has a plus plus slider and an above average change he also has a curve doesn’t use it much but it’s there. Same as when he was in Detroit he’s going to strike out plenty of batters.

Save the best for last, Bryce Harper. Unless you live under a rock you’ve probably heard about the ridiculous numbers Harper put up the last couple weeks. I just think that’s the kind of player he is I’ve seen glimpses of this player over the last couple years he’s injured far too often to matain this a full year. Everyone saw it in last years playoffs, 3 homers in 4 games, now he’s doing it on a regular basis. He’s got all 5 tools which is probably why I like him so much think about his numbers this year .310+ avg .450 on base percentage 13 bombs 33 rbis throw in a couple steals and incredible defense average those out to a full season and you tell me those aren’t MVP numbers. Obviously he has to stay healthy before I can guarantee he’ll win it. The talent he has has always been incredible if he does actually stay healthy all year the numbers he will put up will be crazy. 


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